New to 4-H? Please contact your 4-H Club Advisor or the OSU Extension Office before enrolling on the data base.

Getting ready to re-enroll in 4-H Data Base for the 2020 year? Below are some things to keep in mind!

- How to Re-Enroll on the 4-H Data Base for last year's members

(also includes how to enroll if you forgot your password)


***Having trouble Enrolling***  These are a couple of issues that we are finding.

**Error Message - Auglaize County is not accepting enrollments -  We are finding that the database does not like autofill. So when you go to enroll or get back into your 4-H family profile. In the spot for you email address, type in your email. Don not let the computer put it in.  

**Web Browser - Some members/volunteers are finding that if they use the web browser Motzilla FireFox, they are able to enroll with out errors.

**Can't find member on family list. - If your member was in 4-H previously and then dropped out last year. They will not show up in your family list.  Please contact the office 419-739-6580 or email  Do not make a new profile. The member is on the data base, just hidden. We will unblock that for you!


- Web address for 4-H Online Data Base

- If you or anyone in your family has been in 4-H since we started with the data base in 2013, there is a profile for your family.

       * Please do not make a new profile, unless you are asked to by the 4-H office. All your member's enrollment history is attached  to the old profile. Such as a list of all the projects they have taken and any acitivites they may have been involved with. You can find that information on the member screen, under the member reports. Click here to see how to run a report. Additional with the permission page being attached to the new profile, both the old and new profiles will need to be kept on the data base.

      * Please do not add members to any groups or activities on the data base. The 4-H office will take care of adding members to any acitivites.

      *  If you have a child who will be 18 this year, the data base will ask if you want to enroll that child as an adult or a youth participant.  Please enroll them as a youth participant. Although they are an adult legally, the 4-H program recognises them as youth participants. The adult status is for volunteers only.

       *  FYI  - The email you will use for signing into the data base, is the email that your 4-H Gazette comes to.

     * PLEASE DO call or email if you have ANY questions! We are always glad to help!!


4-H Data Base Website Login page -

YouTube instructions  

New Family - How to sign up on the 4-H Data Base

How to sign into your 4-H Family Profile. - One page instruction

How to sign your Family up for the 4-H Data Base - Total instructions

How to run a member report

How to sign up for an Advisor Training